Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Apart of beauty on your face, the shape of body also another dream goal of several girls right

If you want to get dress and also wish to have good looking, i believe having a breast that suitable for your body, tightening, not sagging these are the top of thought that everybody is looking for. This is the reason why everybody wants to do Breast augmentation.

And i believe everybody definitely have question after thought of it. Maxi Cosmetic Surgery are willing to answer in every question with our pleasure.

The goal of Breast augmentation with MAXi Cosmetic Surgery

" Small wound, no massage needed with natural appearance."

Preparation before operation.

  • Patient has to inform any particular drug or food that patient regularly take to us therefore, to check that those medical will lead to blood clothing such as vitamin E, Fish oil.
  • Patient have to inform surgeon about allergies that patient having beforehand.
  • Water and meal not allow for 6 hours before surgery.
  • Patient are required to bring along sport bra in order to wear it after operation (we are provided 1 sport bra as well)


Common question

Q: Why surgery at MAXi Cosmetic Surgery can take a bathe on the next day.

A: Our surgeon using his technique, which is suture in 3 layers and also bathing is help to clean all the dirtiness.

Q: Does sport bra necessary after Breast augmentation, how long do I have to wear?

A: In first few weeks I suggest to wear it normally which is daytime and nighttime, in order to hold and patient will not feel uncomfortable of the tightness. After that patient will be able to wear normal bra.

Q: Thing that not allow to do after Breast augmentation.

A:  1. No alcohol allow after surgery at least 1 month.

  1. First few months’ patient has to be careful while you raising your hand. Due to, Fibrosis haven’t place properly.

Q: Why doing Breast augmentation here doesn’t need to massage?

A: Therefore, the development technology of silicon with specific technique of MAXi Cosmetic Surgery make it much easier for our patient to take care. For this reason, our patient doesn’t have to massage their breast after surgery at all.

Q: Sign after Breast augmentation that need to see surgeon?

A: Having a terrible pain, swollen, bleeding or Lymph after incision for 4 days.


ยกกระชับหน้าอกแม่ลูก1ย้อนวัยสาว กับคุณหมอคณิต

ตามหัวข้อข้างบนเลยคะ ว่านี้คือหน้าอกคุณแม่ลูก1 ที่คล้อย ย้อย และยาน ไปตามเวลาและการมีน้อง ลืมบอกไปว่า เคยเสริมหน้าอกมาแล้ว

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