Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck can reduce which part?

-Sagging belly after pregnancy

-Too much fat in both male and female.

-Loose Skin after weight Loss

In some case might have to remove some fat included due to, the accumulate fat for such a long time between in front of belly and also at the side. therefore, liposuction will make it tightening.

The main point of Tummy tuck with Maxi cosmetic surgery.

During the Tummy tuck incision will include stitches inside of Abdominal muscles therefore to make it tightness from inside. and the external wound will perform with specific technique which is will be stitches for 3 layers. after surgery is done patient can immediately take a bathe after 24 hours easily to take care and fast recovery.

Preparation before operation.

-Patient has to inform any particular drug or food that patient regularly take to us therefore, to check that those medical will lead to blood clothing such as vitamin E, Fish oil.

-Patient have to inform surgeon about allergies that patient having beforehand.

-Water and meal not allow for 6 hours before surgery.

-Patient have to bring along slimming suit in order to wear it after operation.


Common question

Q: Tummy Tuck surgery will improve which part?

A: Tummy tuck surgery will help to remove excess fat from the abdomen, a tummy tuck, also removes excess skin also after pregnancy, after losing significant amounts of weight. Therefore, tummy tuck will cure all these problems, and if you have a huge amount of excess fat around your tummy, Liposuction will be another option as well.

Q: After Tummy tuck surgery can wear swimming suit or bikini?

A: The disadvantage of Tummy Tuck surgery is will leave a long line scar around the belly, so this might make some patients feel less confident and this problem will disappear, therefore our surgeon of MAXi is a specialized is plastic surgery. Thus, for our technique is to hide the scar under the bikini or in the case that patient already have the scar from give birth, our surgeon will open the wound and perform at the same spot and will create a new appearance of the wound without creating any new wound.

Q: How to take care the wound after Tummy Tuck surgery?

A: With a technique of MAXi, our surgeon will suture until 3 layers in order to make it tighten from inside and neatly suture the wound. Therefore, our patient will be able to take a shower after 24 hours of the operation and this will lead to easier to take care of the wound.


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