Sex Change

Sex Reassignment Surgery

Transform yourself to be Queens

Sex change from male to female.

Preparation before operation

Firstly, patient is required to be 20 years old. Secondly, psychical patient has to have Psychological Assessment License from 2 psychiatrists under regulation of Harry Benjamin, specialist in psychological and also studies regulation of HBIGDA (Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association)

Therefore, this studies are allowing to use for compliance with international standards.

In order to pass this patient has to lead their life as a female for at least 1 year. And also need to have feminine feeling for long time or since remember. Thus must have undergone of antiandrogen or hormone replacement therapy for at least more than 1 year. Lastly must feel gender dysphoria for their gender.

The gold of Sex change surgery at MAXi Cosmetic Surgery.

Therefore, MAXi Cosmetic Surgery has specific technique by hiding all the scar around Labia majora, Labia minora. Thus by doing this is will make neovagina similar to real vagina, including the outside appearance and also internal sensation as well.

Preparation before operation

1. Helth check, and also 2 of Psychological Assessment License. Therefore, to ensure that you are ready to become hundred percent woman.

2. Avoid any hormone therapy for at least 2 weeks beforehand.

3. Avoid those pills that will lead to blood clotting such as Fibrinolytic drugs, vitamin E, Cod Liver Fish Oil at least 2 weeks.

4. Inform that you are having any particular drug or food allergies beforehand.

5. Patient is required to take laxative before surgery in order to clean intestine.

6. Patient have to eat mechanical soft diet meal.

7. Patient is required to bring maternity loop, syringe ball, Dettol, Liner pad.

8. After operation patient have to enlarge vaginoplasty by using dilatator if don’t have patient can buy at MAXi Cosmetic Surgery clinic there are 3 size S M L.

9. Patient has to remove pubic hair.

10. After knowing all the procedure due to the complication MAXI will perform Sex change surgery at JCI accredited hospital standard.

Common question

Q: When patient can have Sexual intercourse?

A: Patient will be able to do Sexual intercourse after 3 months.

Q: How to use dilators and for how long?

A: Recommend patient to do it daily 4 times a day and each time will be 15-20 minutes for the first a couple of months. After 2 months there will be 2 times a day.

Q : How long does it take to recover from MTF surgery?

A : Stay in the hospital after procedure for 4 day, recommend to stay in Thailand to recovery around 2 week.

Q : Will I lose the ability to achieve orgasm after surgery?

A : The surgeon has very experienced and use techniques that allow the patient to retain her nerve to provide sensations of sexual pleasure and functional as know as orgasm.

Q : how long does gender reassignment surgery take?

A : In procedure around 4 - 5 hours, operation and supervision by professional surgeon and anesthesiologist in JCI (Joint Commission International accredits) hospital standard.

Q : Is there smelly after procedure in neovagina?

A : After procedure we will advice patient how to clean up, if you do as surgeon recommended your vagina won’t be smelly and musty.

Q : Is there pubic hair after Gender confirmation Surgery?

A : There is pubic as normally, new vagina looking great and natural same as real woman


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