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" Family "

Is the starting of our clinic


is the starting

of our clinic

First Step of MAXi Cosmetic Surgery.
Family and Friends are the starting point of establish of clinic by Dr. Kanit’s intention. Therefore, it is starting with opening a small clinic near his son’s school in order to have more time to spend with his son due to, while waiting for his son to finish school he will spend hisown time at the clinic. Dr. Kanit is an honest man he will give an advice by straight talking pay attention into every detail and sincerity seems like family and friends, which is another kind of happiness, therefore he set this resolution since when he was a medical student.

Maxi Cosmetic Surgery have been open since 2015 with sincere service same as his own family and friends. With the concept, “Because every patients are important this is the reason why we pay attention to all the details” This is the reason why we always have customer perhaps through word of mouth, friends of friends, or social media this is making MAXi Cosmetic Surgery have more patients. Besides, at the beginning he wanted to just open a small clinic, but as a result, our clinic,becoming well known, therefore opening the clinic, Dr. Kanit used to be a consultation of well-known private hospital and several clinics. For this reason that make Dr. Kanit realized a lot of pros and cons so that he uses that opportunity to improve and development with MAXi Cosmetic Surgery. Hence, provided an excellent service with standard quality included the treatment, service, equipment, products with the latest technology. Furthermore, Dr.Kanit always learn new knowledge in order to reach patient’s demand and provide a perfect service with the highest standard.

Why must be

MAXi Cosmetic Surgery?

For the surgery

with the experience and the specialized in plastic surgery of Dr. Kanit. thus, this is make Dr. Kanit becoming a well-known in Aesthetic surgery with his specific technique and neatly such as in order to perform Full facelift surgery, the surgeon has to avoid about the wound, besides of the wound he also performs a very neatly suture therefore, this will lead to a perfect appearance result.As well as MAXi Cosmetic Surgery also concern about patient’s safety this is another reason that have a several surgery such as Face Lift, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, MTF Sex reassignment, Rhioplasty, Alarplasty, Eyes surgery, etc.

For the Treatment

Filler, and Botox part, MAXi Cosmetic Surgery is a One-stop service such as skin, the shape of the body, reshape face structure and products with a standard quality.
Dr.Kanit always develop the treatment especially filler, the technique is to use Sharp Cannula and Blunt Cannula. Therefore, he will choose the right filler in order to reshape the face of patient also make it tighten, equal and youthful appearance.

The promises for MAXi’ to customer


1. The trust and ethics
MAXi is honest with our patient by using the authentic product and straight forward for every advice by following the needs and satisfaction of customers.

2. Storage of important information
MAXi has always paid attention on storage of important information and patient’s secret. For the information, we will keep it for more than 10 years.

3. For the safety
MAXi safety is the heart for MAXi, either small surgery or main surgery. Our clinic uses the standard equipment, such as a Monitor for vital signs with an Anesthesiologist team with a taking good care by registered nurses.

4. The warranty
MAXi will have a warranty measure in every surgery, therefore we will provide the warranty card for every patients, due to the reliability that we offer for our patient so our patient will be able to check product directly with the company.

5. Cleanliness standard.
MAXi will perform the different way from the other. Therefore, in every needle, glove we will use in case by case included the silicone, as well we will not rise again.

6. Reasonable price.
MAXi will provide a reasonable price for every surgery, with an excellent work, reach the patient’s demand, included the best quality service.

7. Post-operative.
After the surgery, MAXi will always keep in touch with every patients, on the other if patients always contact us even after several years. Therefore, patient can be trusted that after the surgery we will provide follow up service in order to make our patient satisfied.

8. Pay attention to the service.
MAXi will treat every patient as if our friends therefore, you are important to us, we concern about patient’s feeling more than the profit. This will create the confidence and trust for our patient.

9. Apart of as if friends you might have new friends here!
MAXi has slowly grown up but stable we have a connection with our patient, Thus in Thailand or overseas. There will always be the relationship between patient and us and it has been increasing. We will rise up together.