Why need to remove Nose Wing Reduction?

Mostly the case that might need to do is having a wide nose wing or large nostril, therefore, will adjust the shape of patient nose also proportion to the whole face by hiding the scar inside of nose wing.

The feature of Alarplasty at MAXi Cosmetic surgery.

By using this technique is including the step of suture, less swell and also which will result naturally.

How to prepare before getting Alarplasty surgery?

  • The patient has to provide the name and dosages of all medications you regularly take, therefore to confirm that the medication will lead to any blood clotting at least 1 week beforehand.
  • The patient has to provide that they having any allergies to surgeon before begin surgery as well.
  • the patient has to prepare cold gel or ice at home to compress the swollen part.


Common question

Q: The wound of Alarplasty will be place at which position?

A: The wound will be placed in a nose wing area and inside the nose, which is a Maxi clinic technique is to suture and hide the wound and after stitches off there will not be any scar incision

Q: How to take care of Alarplasty wound?

A: by special technique of professional surgeons at MAXi will suture until 3 layers, after 24 hours of the operation patient will be able to wash their face but avoid rubbing at the wound area, and clean until it’s dry and apply medicine that given by clinic.

Q: After Alarplasty removal, the tip of nose will be higher?

A: By our special technique at MAXi will make it slightly higher, normally after we done with the nose wings the surgeon will make the tip of the patient’s nose looks sharper and higher little bit.It’s like when you press and hold your nose and the tip of your nose will look slightly higher


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