The Happiness from Male to Female.

The Happiness from Male to Female.

“The thing that I do it’s not just only create the external appearance to look realistic but also
I have to make sure that they have a sensation similar to female, therefore to give them the
happiness and proud of themselves.
The words transgender is not just exist in the new century but transgender has been existence for a
long time but don’t have any records that when was this words created.
The evolution of the new century, whether it is in technology and society, is more open to
acceptance of the transgender, as in many other countries, if the sex of one sex to another.
If can change the prefix of their original name that will make sex change surgery is more acceptable,
because it is the last step to create a female genitalia to meet their own mental state.
Dr. Kanit Wittayavanichai is a board certificated plastic surgeon, Moreover he is also director of
aesthetic plastic surgery center at PhayaThai 2 hospital. He is the man that “change Mister to Miss”
The most important thing of sex reassignment surgery is have all the element which is the external
appearance included sensation and overall realistic.
Does Transgender People having Mental Health Issues?
There are several types of schizophrenia. It is a group that expresses behavior or mental
syndrome. But the fact that men want to be a woman is a disorder of sexual identity
therefore they are not accepting their own sexuality also known as Gender identity disorder,
this is not a group of psychiatric disorders, they can also be used to live a normal life like
normal people.
The main post preparative?
Firstly patients must be 20 years old, then the mental side, There must be 2 psychiatrist's certificate
criteria for consideration of Harry Benjamin, he is a psychiatrist who Study requirements The
HBIGDA (Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association) is used by international
standards. Such as living life as a woman for more than a year, has been feeling like a women for a
long time, or since it began to be recognized, living life as a woman by the accepted of people a
rounding. Patients must have been taken the female hormone whether in the form of eating or
injection. Moreover patients must have a sense of dislike for their penis or feel like that it’s an excess
part of their body also do not like the sexual intercourse.
What are the different between Scrotal graft technique and Sigmoid Colon

Sex reassignment surgery is to create neovagina, by using tissue that we called the graph.
Therefore surgeon will use the tissue from penile to create neovagina. The advantage is that
there will be no wound but the disadvantage is if patients having less tissue there might lead
to shallow vagina. On the other hand if patient is required for deeper vagina surgeon will
suggest for Sigmoid colon technique but the disadvantage is there will be 2 spot of open
Does Circumcision affect the depth of neovagina?
If you already did the circumcised it may affect the tissue to create neovagina, there will be about 1
inch gone, but it also depend on the size of the penis tissue and testicular tissue. Usually does or
does not circumcision the depth of the vagina will be about 5 – 6 inches.
How to take care of the external neovagina after surgery? Does Vaginal
douching necessary?
There will separate in 2 part, in the first week to first month the external wound will look swollen,
there are some tissues are dry and some are frostbitten the disinfectant soap are able to use.
After one month will be able to wash the outside as usual in daily life, besides in the first period of
Vaginal douching the inner tissue is not dry yet, patient may mixed the disinfectant soap with some
water and wash. After some time the internal of neovagina will be dry patient will be able to clean as
usual and wiped until it dry.
If after the surgery patient will have sexual intercourse how many
percentage that the graphs or colon will break or tear?
In case of the enlargement the neovagina patients must be careful to don’t push or insert too hard, I
have had perform a revision for other clinic already. Therefore the neovagina is too shallow and they
want it to be deeper and push its too hard until it tear. Therefore, monitoring for the first few month
is very important because the surgeon will check how deep of the neovagina has made.
This is not just insert and test but also must be checked as an internal examination, the neovagina
tissue depth is approximately around 6 months – 1 year.
When will be able to do neovagina enlargement? How many time a day and
for how long?
Patient will be able to do it after taking out the gauze that placed inside the vagina.
Patient have do it about 2-3 times a day, and leave it for about 5 minutes, and change the size
After the surgery do the patient will have a sensation spot same as women?
If after done the surgery but have no sensation spot how to fix it?
I do everything to make it overall realistic with external and internal as similar appearance as a
women which is our patient will be able to reach the orgasm. In case of after surgery is done but
have no sensation spot, patient have to come and see surgeon in order to examination. Therefore

there have several reasons such as never create the clitoris or the wound might held until there is no
sense, so patient have to come and check with the surgeon.

After sex reassignment surgery is necessary to take pill or a female hormone
In order to perform sex reassignment surgery is to remove the testicle, therefore the testicle will
create Androgen or Testosterone, and after remove it their body will stop creating the testosterone
this is the reason why all beard and hair will stop growing as well. Usually Female hormones is less, if
want to increase a female hormone patient might have to take a pill or a female hormone
Lastly which case that you are impress the most?
I’m very impressed in every cases, after surgery, the patient will feel like a new life or meet their
desire that is right for their own mental state, happy, excited, happy patients, I am very proud of it.
What I'm doing is not just creating the outside looking but I’m also have to make sense of the
sensation spot of emotions like women as well to make them happy and proud to be what they want
to be.