Q Switch Laser

Q Switch Laser

What is Switch Laser?

Q Switch Laser is a laser treatment to cure melisma, freckle, blemish, birthmark and able to remove tattoos and scars. The main point of IPL is to perform the power of the light in order to make brake the Pigment cells, after that the white blood cells will suck and degradation the abnormal pigment cells. Moreover, it is will get rid of waste out of our body without any side effect; normally have to do 3-6 times in order to notice the obvious result.

Q Switch Laser this treatment will help to cure melisma, freckle, and blemish by Q switch laser will prevent to create pigment cells and urge the collagen under facial skin in order to give youthful appearance and smooth.


How often do I have to do Q Switch Laser?

For Q Switch Laser, for the first time the appearance result will be around 80%, therefore the patient has to do this for at least 3 times and each time should stop for 3-6 weeks for the better result. After laser the perform area will get a bit red, due to the laser destroy the abnormal cells, so after the body get rid of abnormal cells, the skin will slowly get better and become brighter. Therefore, this will take for a couple of months, but also depend on each person's skin.


Q Switch Laser helps to remove tattoos, birthmark therefore the low frequency will help to remove a red tattoo and for high frequency is suitable for black and blue tattoo. In order to get the perfect result, you have to redo for several times, but also depend on the color and how long of that tattoo as well.

Because to disposal the cells in each time have to perform at the highest skin layer first, have to wait for the body to recover, and then will have to come back and redo again for the next layer.

Thus, to remove tattoos, have to keep doing for at least 3-6 times and have to stop for 2 weeks, therefore the color of the tattoo that are able to get the effective result is black, brown, blue, red but cant help for green and yellow tattoo color.