Face Lift

Face Lift (Rhytidectomy)

What is facelift?

“facelift” is cosmetic surgical procedure to create a younger appearance in your face. The procedure can reduce the sagging or folds of skin on the cheeks and jawline and other changes in the shape of your face that occur with age. By cutting the skin and make it tightness until SMAS: Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System layer, this is the strongest of our face and this layer also suitable for facelift. Therefore, a face-lift can give your face and neck a more youthful appearance.

What is MAX Lift ?

Therefore different person are having a different shape of face, MAX Lift is a specific technique that created for each person specific face.

M : Maximum
This procedure is to remove and make it tighten from the muscle layer, but will give a natural result appearance.

A: Appropriate SMAS
In order to do facelift is not only just pulled back and cut the excess facial skin but also the surgeon has to see structure of patient face that which part have to cut or reduce. For this result face lift will give a natural look and youthful to meet the patient demand.

Approach SMAS is to manage SMAS by SMAS manipulation there are several techniques.

-SMAS Plication : is to suture SMAS part, can suture in many ways such as Nasolabia flop part.

-SMAS Flap : this technique is to cut out SMAS layer, then separate into pieces and place around ears and neck and sew up

-SMAS Ectomy : this technique is to cut into flap and also SMAS layer to make patient face look smaller.

X: Exclusive
Each person is having a different face of shape and also different issue. Therefore, some people have wrinkles skin but want to pulled back the SMAS layer to make it tighten. But for someone facial skin is sagging, in this case just pull is not enough must go until SMAS layer and lift it up to reduce the sagging or folds of skin, so by doing facelift different person have to use different technique


Common question

Q: How many type of Facelift

A: There are two types

  1. Mini face lift this type is suitable for those patients who are concerned about the specific part of their face, such as the cheek area or chin or those people who have not much sagging skin, so this technique is the best option that will meet patient’s demand.
  2. Full facelift this technique is suitable for patient who are having an obvious sagging, excess skin due to, aging, especially these areas such as forehead, cheek, eye brown, and neck.

Q: Facelift can reduce age until 10 years?

A:Therefore, each person face is having different problem so in between patient age around 50 years old and above will have an obvious sagging face due to after the operation the result will be more obvious.

Q: Why must MAX Lift?

A: MAX Lift is a special technique for MAXi to perform until High SMAS Layer, due to each person is having a different problem same as the technique as well, and the outcome appearance will be tightening natural-looking results

Q: How long I will be recovered from MAX Lift technique?

A: The swelling will depend on each patient by MAX Lift technique we will perform until the High SMAS layer, which is not only just open cut and suture. So the swelling will happen, but it’s also depend on each skin some may swell a lot, but some will swell a bit, and MAX Lift technique will hide the wound at the hairline so the patient doesn’t have to cut or shave their hair. The wound will be a scratch line with neatly wound and the wound in front of a patient’s ear will curve by the shape of the patient as well. So this technique will be hidden the scar and unnoticed.

Q: After the operation can lead normal life.

A: With the MAX lift technique, that suture until 3 layers so the patient will be able to take a shower or wash their hair after 24 hours, but we would recommend to not swim or diving.


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