Co2 Laser

Co2 Laser

What is Co2 Laser?

     Co2 Laser is a laser that has a long wave frequency at 10,600 nanometers, able to cut and destroy the abnormal tissue without bleeding. Therefore, most surgeons and doctors are interested in this laser machine due to, the effective treatment result and less side effect especially the wound and scar after the treatment.

What are the quality of Co2 Laser?

Co2 Laser is similar to Erbium Yag Laser which is another laser that improvement the wound, on the other hand this is to remove mole or remove wrinkles this type can perform all over the face included neck, elbow , hand, arm, knees.


What are the main problem of Co2 Laser?

  • Seborrheic Keratosis
  • mole
  • fleck
  • armpit
  • wart
  • acne holes
  • lipoma
  • Tumors of the sweat glands
  • milia
  • whitehead

What are the procedure of this treatment?

The procedure of Co2 Laser treatment, in part, of mole removal has to apply the numb cream for at least 30-45 minutes or inject the anesthetic to cure. This treatment does not feel pain while performing the laser.

After the treatment the surgeon will clean up the wound and apply Antiseptic with waterproof plaster, and have to come back for follow up within 1-2 weeks.

How often do I have to do?

The procedure of acnes holes is required to do more than 1 time, you will notice the an effective result after 3-6 months, the side effect of Co2 Laser is will have some red dot for at least 2 days and will fade away within 5-7 days.