Revision Alarplasty is not just only remove and suture.

Today I want to discuss about the most common surgery that I have been through, in both to make a new nose augmentation, revision or alarplasty.

For those patients who went through nose wing removal, will not be able to take back the previous nose. Therefore, the most important thing in every case is to know patient’s demand due to, there are several techniques to perform nose wing removal. And thus I really understand that everybody is concern about the scars.

In addition, in every case I have to measure patient’s nose, because of some people need are different, this is the reason why we have to discuss and consult properly before the operation in order to prevent any mistakes.

For instance, this patient used to remove nose wing and having unequal nostril owing to left the obvious huge scars. As you can see the nostril is already small, eventually after 1 weeks the appearance result was satisfying.