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How many type of Filler?

there are 2 types of Filler.

Firstly, the type of Extraneous Materials, Silicone or Paraffin is the cheapest type of Filler but it’s the most danger as well. For human body will not be able to biodegradable itself. Thus this is not allowing for using in medical. Secondly, the type of naturally which is will stay temporally this is synthesize by Hyaluronic Acid therefore, this Hyaluronic Acid is already inside our body but normally will deteriorate follow by age-related changes. Thus by inject Hyaluronic Acid into body will lead to lifetime around 1-2 years, and less allergies. Check information of filler first such as brand, type also include manufacturer if the filler is real will have serial number, REF and Lot. At side of the box. Moreover, those clinic or hospital have to paste sticker of serial number at patient profile.


This is example of serial number sticker.

Patient should have chosen Clinic or hospital that have a safety standard with specialize surgeon to take care closely. However, patient should have studies beforehand and must understand all the procedure aswell to reduce any risk that will lead to danger, also must be sure about surgeon and place for your own safety.