Making your breast bigger is not just only insert the silicone

Making your breast bigger is not just only insert the silicone.
Breast is a sign that represent woman, but several women are facing flat as a pancake breast, unequal breast, sagging breast all these is just familiar issues. Several women are wishing to have a beautiful breast with a nice shape or wish to have bigger breast. The most temporally problem solving is to use push up bra but is only make outside look nice but when you take out is still flat anyway. So the permanent problem solving is to go straight to the point that many girls choose is to do breast augmentation.
Breast augmentation with silicone is incision performance by putting silicone inside your breast so form there you can have a beautiful breast. Is sound like easy that is the reason why on the newspaper will have a lot of mistake of breast augmentation appear. Because to do breast augmentation is not only just insert silicone feel the pain and then will look nice like your imagination. In order to do breast augmentation, you have to do research about which silicone you should use or the place as well
Moreover, surgeon also have to be a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in gender ( http://www.plasticsurgery.or.th/lst.php) as this link you can check the list of surgeon, and also provide another detail to studied as well.

Which silicone is the best? Similar or different?
First of all, before choose the silicone, everybody has to know this word FDA stand for Food and Drug Administration. This is the organization of food and drug in United States of America (USA)
Therefore, this is a government agency responsible for food and drug medical equipment and cosmetic safety for American similar to Thailand, known as Food and Drug Administration – FDA
So before you insert any silicone inside your breast you have to check that the silicone is pass FDA stand.

Tear drop shape and Round shape which type is better?
Normally the shape of women breast is already tear drop shape therefore, mostly patient cannot decide which option is suitable for their body. If round shape patient will concern about the appearance will not give a result as natural looking, but if teardrop shape also scared will not be big enough.
However, everything is depending on patient decision and surgeon who specialize in gender as well.